About BitZ About BitZ
BitZ founded in 2016 in British Virgin Islands, is one of the most popular digital assets trading exchanges. BitZ has established branches in 10 countries and regions including Singapore, Japan and South Korea. Tokeninsight, the professional assessment agency, ranks BitZ as the fourth in the world. BitZ team includes top talent from the international digital currency industry, as well as diversified professionals in various fields such as finance, social networking, games, and electric commerce. BitZ is committed to providing the most efficient and secure service.
Currencies Currencies
  • Listing currencies

  • Trading pairs

  • VTC trading was opened with the increase of over 451% within 10 minutes.

Security Security
  • Security Infrastructure

  • Security Control

  • High Speed Engine

  • Asset Protection

Efficient Trading Efficient Trading
  • Mainstream currencies

  • Billion dollars/day trading volume

  • Great engine supporting million orders per second

  • Small withdrawal within 5 minutes

Professional Service Professional Service
  • 7*24 online customer service

  • Multilingual communication

  • One to one service for VIP

  • Efficient withdraw experience

  • Call service for withdrawal

Global Strategic Layout Global Strategic Layout
In 2018, BitZ began its global strategic layout and has expanded to ten countries and regions around the world; At present, 70% of the BitZ traders are distributed overseas, mainly in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, France, Australia, and the United States.
Project Evaluation Center Project Evaluation Center
  • Background survey

    Team strength User situation

    Investment agency Underlying architecture

    Community power Technical Support

    Market performance Landing scene

  • Safety control

    Technical review

    Risk assessment

    Contract guarantee

    Code review

  • Prospect forecast

    Platform expectation

    User expectation value

    Market expectation

    Application expectation

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BitZ Development BitZ Development

2016 12 Bitz team was established formally, aiming to be a leading international digital assets trading exchanges

BitZ Officially launched with BTC & ETH trading 2017 02

2017 05 OTC Market launched, user activity climbed 69%

Group strategic upgrade, set up a new management team 2017 09

2017 12 BitZ Obtained Investment from Cyanhill Capital Limited, Guosheng Financial Holding, and Plum Angel Investment Co., Ltd

Created “Vote for Launch” which was the first voting system eco. BitZ is always committed to giving the options back to the market and community traders. 2017 12

2018 01 BitZ & DKKT achieved strategic cooperation. DKKT trade launched officially.

App released. The number of downloads on the first 7 days breaks 10,000. 2018 01

2018 02 The number of BitZ registered traders exceeded 1 million with online traders exceeded 250 thousand

24H trading volume exceeded 300 million dollars with 90 tokens & 120 trading pairs 2018 03

2018 04 VTC/DKKT launched. “Vote for Launch” V3.0 released and got 2 million votes within 154mins.

BitZ officially landed in the Korean market to further expand its market share in the international market 2018 05

2018 06 BitZ released platform token on June 25 to create a new model for global partners to share dividends

SongYing, the first CTO of Huo BI, leading the team of yuefang as BitZ group technical consultant 2018 07

2018 07 BitZ group's global node first station landing in Tokyo, main station domain name upgraded officially

BitZ once again landed on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square, New York. 2018 08

2018 09 Launched decentralized Multi Chain Wallet - CoinU to build an asset value ecosystem

Launched project review center - Pro with downloadable evaluation report 2018 10

2018 12 BitZ appeared in Australia Summit to solicit strategic partners

BitZ Initial Public Release Platform Annual Review Report 2018 12

2019 01 BitZ first BZ payment scene landed

BitZ won the most influential Exchange Award from Hong Kong Blockchain Association 2019 01

2019 01 BitZ won the best Exchange Employer award at Block Eco

BitZ won the Jinse financial industry's Best Project of the year 2019 01

2019 02 BitZ landed LaciCloud opening a new payment node of BZ

BitZ ranked second in the CoinMarketCap digital asset market with a turnover of $800 million in 24 hours 2019 02

2019 04 BitZ quality project supporting platform Beniwide, first project - DEFI is ready to launch

BitZ launched margin trading function 2019 04

2019 05 BitZ launched contract testnet function

BitZ group received a strategic investment of tens of millions RMB from the famous investor Tang Yue. Tang Yue was the former founder of Elong.com, founder partner of Blue Ridge Captial China , founder and CEO of Xiaoying technology. In the area of blockchain, he has invested in Okex strategically. 2019 05

2019 06 Launched the contract trading function officially

BitZ OTC daily trading volume exceeded 300 million yuan, ranking among the top 3 in the world 2019 09

2019 09 BitZ contract daily trading volume exceeded $300 million

BitZ launched "Blockchain +" ecology during the world blockchain conference in Wuzhen 2019 11